Series X: Miscellaneous Materials

Series X documents the record-keeping functions of Simon's Washington office. Here are filed the very detailed logs of telephone calls, visitors to the office, and requests for appointments. The appointment books maintained for Simon by his secretary are also here. The correspondence log for all outgoing letters is located in this series, as well as a partial index to Simon's letters. (These two items are more fully described in the section on Series I.) Series X also contains several groups of routine correspondence--autograph requests, letters concerning invitations extended to Simon, and some short personal letters. The correspondence labeled "Invitations to Speak" deals primarily with speaking engagements that Simon accepted.

Drawer 51    Autograph Requests

1-24   Autograph Requests - General:  A-Z
25-31  Autograph Requests - $1-Bill: A-Z
32-40  Autograph Requests - $2-Bill: A-Z
41     Autograph Requests - $2-Bill: North Carolina

Drawer 52    Miscellaneous Correspondence and Appointment

1-10   Invitations to Speak:  1973-1976
11-13  Invitations Accepted:  1974-1976
14-20  Invitations Regretted:  1973-1974
21     Invitations and Appointments Referred to Others:  1974-           
22-25  Personal Letters from W.E.S.:  1974-1976
26     Thank-you Letters:  1974-1976
27-31  Appointment Books:  1973-1976

Drawer 53    Calls and Appointments Sheets

1-30   Calls and Appointments Sheets:  1973-1975

Drawer 54    Calls and Appointments Sheets and Daily Log Sheets

1-15   Calls and Appointments Sheets:  1976-1977
16-26  Daily Log Sheets:  1973-1976

Drawer 55    Correspondence Log and Correspondence Index

1-17   Correspondence Log:  1974 (May) - 1977 (Jan.)

1-4    Correspondence Card Index:  A-Z

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