Series I: General Correspondence

The general correspondence series contains both incoming and outgoing letters from Simon's four years at the Treasury Department. The files of outgoing letters are especially complete and are arranged chronologically. Incoming letters are filed in separate alphabetical sequences for the Deputy Secretary and Secretary years. Additional incoming letters are located in the VIP files, also arranged alphabetically. (Partial indexes to the correspondence can be found in the miscellaneous series.) More than anything, the general correspondence reveals the wide spectrum of Simon's duties and interests while in office. Topics range from oil imports to grain exports, from gold reserves to penny shortages, and from tax bills to two-dollar bills. Correspondents include presidents, members of Congress, governors, cabinet members, agency heads, foreign ministers, business and industry leaders, friends and associates, and private citizens.

The correspondence (1 drawer) from the Deputy Secretary period (December 1972 to May 1974) is primarily concerned with the energy crisis. Among the recipients of Simon's outgoing letters are numerous persons associated with the oil industry--oil company executives, independent marketers, jobbers, refiners, and terminal operators--as well as government officials and concerned citizens. Topics include the reorganization of oil policy-making in government, the jurisdiction of the Oil Import Appeals Board, the lifting of import restrictions culminating in the mandatory oil import program, Simon's opposition to the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act, and problems with the operation of the voluntary allocation program. The particular difficulties of the oil industry "independents," the farmers, and the entire Northeast region of the country in obtaining fuel are discussed in depth. Later letters document the establishment and activities of the Federal Energy Office headed by Simon. (Incoming letters on these energy issues can be found under Oil Policy Committee and Federal Energy Office in the subject files series.) Non-energy related letters for this period concern revenue sharing, the minority bank deposit program, and the budget. The alphabetical correspondence for these years is miscellaneous in nature and is primarily with friends and associates.

The most extensive files (5 drawers) in the series are the outgoing letters from the time Simon served as Secretary (May 1974 to January 1977). Every item of correspondence that went out over Simon's signature is included here, from memoranda to the president to acknowledgements for fan mail. Topics of the letters are extremely diverse, reflecting the broad range of Treasury business. Access to these materials can best be accomplished by means of the correspondence log that was maintained by Simon's office during the period of his secretaryship. This log, located in the miscellaneous series (Series X), is a chronological record of each letter he signed, showing recipient and topic. Also in Series X is a card index to selected recipients of Simon's letters. This index was maintained by Simon's executive assistant for letters drafted by the office's writing pool. Most letters indexed are fairly routine in nature.

Incoming letters (2 drawers) from the Secretary years are to be found in the alphabetical and VIP sequences. Correspondents in the alphabetical sequence include banking and savings and loan officials, corporate presidents and board chairmen, oil and utilities executives, university administrators and faculty, state and local government personnel, media and public affairs representatives, members of civic and special interest groups, energy advisors and consultants, and citizens and school children. Many of the letters transmit reports and other printed material.

The VIP letters are primarily from government figures--senators, congressmen, governors, cabinet members, the president, and the vice-president. These letters concern legislation, regulations, constituent problems, and the 1976 election. Additional VIP letters are from foreign leaders, ambassadors, and finance ministers. Well represented are officials from the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia; and Europe, especially Simon's counterparts in Britain (Denis Healy), France (Jean-Pierre Fourcade), and West Germany (Hans Friderichs). Most frequent correspondents in the VIP file include Bill Archer, George Ariyoshi, Christopher S. Bond, Bill Brock, Harry F. Byrd, Jr., James L. Buckley, Philip M. Crane, Millicent Fenwick, Gerald Ford, Mills E. Godwin, Jr., Jesse Helms, Jack Kemp, Henry Kissinger, James B. Longley, John J. Rhodes, Nelson Rockefeller, Donald Rumsfeld, John Sparkman, Strom Thurmond, Guy Vander Jagt, and John W. Wydler.

Drawer  l    Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
                Outgoing Letters:  1972-1974 (Folders 1-24)
                Alphabetical Correspondence:  A-Z (Folders 25-39)

Drawer  2    Secretary of the Treasury
                Outgoing Letters:  1974 (May) - 1975 (Feb.)               
                (Folders 1-40)

Drawer  3    Secretary of the Treasury
                Outgoing Letters:  1975 (Mar.) - 1975 (Aug.)
                (Folders 1-33)

Drawer  4    Secretary of the Treasury
                Outgoing Letters:  1975 (Sept.) - 1976 (Feb.)
                (Folders 1-36)

Drawer  5    Secretary of the Treasury
                Outgoing Letters:  1976 (Mar.) - 1976 (Aug.)
                (Folders 1-34)

Drawer  6    Secretary of the Treasury
                Outgoing Letters:  1976 (Sept.) - 1977 (Jan.)
                (Folders 1-26)

Drawer  7    Secretary of the Treasury
                Alphabetical Correspondence:  A-L (Folders 1-25)

Drawer  8    Secretary of the Treasury
                Alphabetical Correspondence:  M-Z (Folders 1-23)
                VIP Letters:  A-Z (Folders 24-61)

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