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Celebrating Lafayette
in America:
Cities and Counties named for the Marquis de Lafayette
Alabama Fayette Fayette
Chambers Lafayette
Arkansas Lafayette
Washington Fayetteville
California Contra Costa Lafayette
Colorado Boulder Lafayette
Florida Lafayette
Georgia Fayette Fayetteville
Walker Lafayette
Troup La Grange
Illinois Fayette
Cook LaGrange, LaGrange Park, LaGrange Highlands
Indiana Fayette
LaGrange LaGrange
Tippecanoe Lafayette, West Lafayette
Fayette Fayette
Iowa Fayette Fayette
Kentucky Fayette
Oldham LaGrange
Louisiana Lafayette (Parish) Lafayette, Southwest Lafayette
Maine Penobscot LaGrange
Kennebec Fayette
Minnesota Nicollet Lafayette
Mississippi Lafayette
Jefferson Fayette
Missouri Lafayette
Howard Fayette
Lewis LaGrange
New Hampshire Mount Lafayette in Franconia Mountains
New Jersey Lafayette
New York Dutchess LaGrange
Onandaga Fayetteville
Seneca Fayette
North Carolina Cumberland Fayetteville
Lenoir LaGrange
Ohio Fayette Lafayette
Lorain LaGrange
Oregon Yamhill Lafayette
Pennsylvania Fayette
Tennessee Lincoln Fayetteville
Macon Lafayette
Texas Fayette LaGrange
West Virginia Fayette Fayetteville
Wisconsin Lafayette

Fayette, Alabama

Lafayette, Alabama

Lafayette, California
Founded in 1868 by Elam Brown.

Lafayette, Colorado

Fayetteville, Georgia
Named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette.  Plans to create a mural of the Marquis de Lafayette in the downtown area.

Lafayette, Georgia
Named Chattanooga in December 1883 then changed to Benton.  Renamed in December 1836 in Lafayette's honor and was made the county seat.
LaGrange, Georgia 
This statue, sculpted by Ernest E. Hiolle, stands in Lafayette Square.
statue in Lagrange, Georgia
LaGrange, Illinois
Village government established by Franklin Dwight Cossitt in 1879.  Named for LaGrange, Tennessee which was named for the Marquis de Lafayette's ancestral home.
Lafayette, Indiana 
Staked out and named on May 25, 1825 by William Digby.  There is a statue of the Marquis de Lafayette in front of the recently renovated Lafayette City Hall, shown in the two images at right.  The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce gives a Grand Marquis Award for the person most improving the quality of life in Tippecanoe County.
Indiana Statue
Indiana Courthouse
West Lafayette, Indiana
After a series of names was finally renamed in 1888 based on the geography of Lafayette, IN which lies just across the Wabash River.

Fayette, Iowa
Lafayette, Louisiana 
In 1883 Vermilionville was renamed in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette.  The statue at right stands in this town.
statue in Louisiana
LaGrange, Maine

Lafayette, Minnesota
Three town founders named it for their hometown of Lafayette, IN.  The village was platted in 1896 and incorporated on April 28, 1900.

Fayette, Mississippi

Fayette, Missouri
Named for the Marquis de Lafayette in 1823, the year that Lafayette announced his Farewell Tour of the United States.

LaGrange, Missouri

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Cambelltown and Cross Creek were combined and renamed in 1783.  The Marquis de Lafayette visited on March 4-5, 1825.

Lafayette, Ohio
Laid out in 1835 for William Barnet Weyer, Sr. The village was incorporated in March 1868.  There are no physical commemorations of the Marquis de Lafayette.

Lafayette, Oregon

Fayetteville, Tennessee
Named after Fayetteville, North Carolina.

LaGrange, Texas
Part of Fayette County, which was named after Fayette County, PA from where early settlers came in 1837.  Fayette County, TX was organized on January 18, 1838.  This town does not have any physical commemorations of the Marquis de Lafayette.

Fayetteville, West Virginia

Other Cities That Celebrate the Marquis de Lafayette
Burlington, Vermont 
The statue at right by Q.V.A. Ward stands on the campus of the University of Vermont.
University of Vermont statue
Lebanon Springs, NY 
Warm Springs, a favorite spa of early Americans, held a banquet to honor the Marquis de Lafayette and his son in 1825.
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