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Celebrating Lafayette
In Literature
Bright Sword For Freedom
Cassie and the General
The Youngest General
Billy, Andre.  Malvina; ou, Le Bataillon de Napoleon II, roman.  Paris: Editions de la Table Ronde, 1949.

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Juvenile Fiction
Beahrs, Virginia Oakley.  The Fire and the Glory: Lafayette and America's Fight for Freedom.  Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press, 1976.

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Cutter, Eliza Ann.  Untitled Poem.  "Composed by Eliza Ann Cutter, August 27, 1824, in her fifteenth year."  [typescript in AFL.  Poetry Relating to the Marquis de Lafayette.]

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Jackson, C.F.  "A Belated Poem Dedicated to Sabra Trumbull Chapter, D.A.R."  [typescript in AFL.  Poetry Relating to the Marquis de Lafayette.]

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"To the Shade of Lafayette."  [typescript in AFL.  Poetry Relating to the Marquis de Lafayette.]

Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc. Du Pont presents Cavalcade of America.  "The Gentleman from Paris," starring Charles Boyer: Monday, January 12, 1942 [radioplay].

Corneau, Perry Boyer.  La Fayette Remembers...  Lockport, Illinois: Old Tower Press, 1932.

The Human Adventure.  The True Story of the Marquis de Lafayette of France.  Presented by the University of Chicago in collaboration with the Columbia Broadcasting System, on Saturday, July 13, 1940.  [radioplay].

*Lee, Walter.  Lafayette; or, The Fortress of Olmutz.  A melodrama.  In three acts.  Philadelpha: T. Town, 1824.

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*Mejia, Felix.  Lafayette in Mount Vernon.  A drama in two acts.  Philadelphia: Stavely & Bringhurst, 1825.

Walker, Alice Johnstone.  La Fayette, Christopher Columbus, The Long Knives in Illinois; brief plays for the young.  New York:  H. Holt and Company, 1919.

* These items are not available at Lafayette College

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