VAST 260

Creeds and Computers: The Interplay of Science and Religion

Instructor: Kenneth Briggs

Office: 328 Pardee

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Course Description:  From Gutenberg's invention of the printing press to the dawn of the web site, science and technology have changed the ways religious traditions have grasped what they stood for and how they spread their messages. The effects have gone in both directions. Religion has influenced the directions taken by science, as witnessed in the latest debate over stem cell research; the sciences, in turn, have helped shape the content and the strategies of religious groups, evident in such concerns as nuclear arms and the phenomenon of televangelism. The age of science has challenged age-old depictions of spiritual truths and approaches to a divine being. Religion, on the other hand, has challenged science as a methodology that can provide the most profound answers. This course will explore the topic as an ongoing dialogue between the two ways of thinking rather than the triumph of one over the other.