VAST 221

Value Meals: Technology at the Dinner Table

Instructor: Annette Diorio

Office: 132 Farinon

Office Phone: (610) 330-5335


meals1 Course Description: We make choices about what to eat on a daily basis. Eating out or at home, highly processed foods or meals and snacks made from scratch, and conventionally or organically grown fruits and vegetables are among the choices we make each time we sit down to eat. The vast array of food options available to Americans is due, in part, to technological enhancements developed during the past 100 years. The types of food produced and methods of production reflect the values of a given society.

This course explores the intersections between technology and values as they relate to what we eat. Technological advances produce new food preservation methods, higher crop yields per acre and year round variety of relatively inexpensive foods. Topics such as genetic modification, cloned meat in the food supply and the Slow Food Movement will illustrate how technological capabilities balance with moral and ethical issues as we make daily food choices.

Be prepared to exercise your mind and taste buds as this class will involve discussing and eating food. You should also be ready to get your hands dirty as we will gain first hand knowledge of farming.