VAST 203

Sustainability of Built Systems

Instructor: John Greenleaf

 Office: 324 AEC

 Office Phone: (610) 330-5896


This course may be used to satisfy the ES 225 requirement.

In this course, students will think about built systems holistically from many different perspectives. The objective of the course is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of sustainability and how it applies to the built environment in both the industrialized and developing worlds. We will consider a built system to be a civil infrastructure product that involves decisions made by different entities in a sequential process from cradle to grave (or birth to death), e.g. a particular building, bridge, water distribution system, etc. Students will be introduced to the historical, moral, and ethical foundations for the current sustainability movement and learn to apply frameworks to analyze the economic, environmental, and social-equity components of sustainability across the life-cycle of a built system. Throughout the course, we will highlight large-scale global examples of sustainable built systems.