Original Doonesbury drawings featuring the "Energy Czar," inscribed to Secretary Simon from Garry Trudeau, February, 1974. DOONESBURY copyright 1974 G.B. Trudeau. Reprinted with permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.

Series VIII: Scapbooks and Clippings

Simon's extensive collection of scrapbooks is located in Series VIII. These scrapbooks were maintained by his office for the entire period of his public service. They consist of two types-- scrapbooks containing strictly newsclippings about Simon and scrapbooks of a more general nature. The latter include photographs, mementoes, articles, cartoons, programs, menus, telegrams, and letters. The letters are from VIP's, Simon's friends, and American citizens, including schoolchildren. Several of the scrapbooks commemorate special events. Particularly noteworthy is the volume on the 1976 Republican National Convention, where there was a movement to have Simon considered as a vice-presidential contender. The scrapbook on his U.S.S.R. trip in November 1976 documents the furor that ensued after unfavorable publicity on the expense of such trips to the taxpayer. Numerous letters from unhappy citizens are included along with Simon's response.

Drawer 48    Clippings

17     Bombay Visit:  1975 (Apr.)
18     Sri Lanka Visit:  1975 (Apr.)
19-27  Latin America Visit:  1976 (May)
28     Belgrade Visit:  1976 (June)
29-36  Miscellaneous Clippings:  1972-1977

Shelf 3      Scrapbooks:  1972-1974  (Volumes 1-9)

Shelf 4      Scrapbooks:  1975  (Volumes 1-15)

Shelf 5      Scrapbooks:  1976 (Jan.-Apr.)  (Volumes 1-11)

Shelf 6      Scrapbooks:  1976 (May-June)  (Volumes 1-10)

Shelf 7      Scrapbooks:  1976 (July-Oct.)  (Volumes 1-13)

Shelf 8      Scrapbooks:  1976 (Nov.) - 1977  (Volumes 1-6)

Shelf 9      Scrapbooks - Newsclippings:  1973 (Nov.) - 1975          
          	(Apr.)  (Volumes 1-9)

Shelf 10     Scrapbooks - Newsclippings:  1975 (May) - 1977          
           	(Jan.)  (Volumes 1-10)

Shelf 11     Scrapbooks - Special Subjects

1-2    Middle East and European Tour:  1974 (July)
3      Mid East Trip:  1976 (Feb.-Mar.)
4-5    South America Trip:  1976 (May)
6      Paris; Warsaw; San Juan:  1976 (June)
7      Republican National Convention:  1976 (Aug.)
8      International Monetary Fund/World Bank Meeting, Manila:       
     	1976 (Oct.)
9      U.S.S.R. Trip:  1976 (Nov.)
10     Miscellaneous Scrapbook

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