Series IX: Memorabilia

A wide variety of memorabilia is contained in Series IX. Included is everything from Secret Service cufflinks to Simon's official Treasury flags. Simon was a great favorite of the political cartoonists, particularly during the energy crisis, and a number of their signed original drawings are in the series. Also interesting is the memorabilia pertaining to the move to draft Simon as a presidential candidate.

Drawer 49    Memorabilia

1      Presidential Inauguration:  1973 (Jan)
2      Swearing In as Deputy Secretary:  1973 (Feb. 2)
3      Camp David Guide Book in Russian and English:  1973
4      Bond Club of New York:  1973-1974
5      Richmond News Leader Cartoon (Inscribed by Henry           
       Kissinger):  1974 (Feb. 4)
6      Wire Service Accounts of Simon's Appointment,                  
       Confirmation, and Swearing In as Secretary of the                
       Treasury:  1974
7      U.S. Industrial Payroll Savings Campaign Memento:  1975    
8      Fairleigh Dickinson University - Trustees Distinguished         
              Achievement Award:  1975 (Feb. 5)
9      Nation's Business Cover:  1975 (Feb.)
10     Economic Summit, Rambouillet, France:  1975 (Nov.)
11     Official Binder for Visit to Brazil:  1976 (May)
12     Money Marketeers of New York University - Award of         
        Distinguished Achievement:  1976 (Oct. 26)
13     Revenue Sharing Form Spoof:  1977 (Jan. 6)

1      Olympic Pins, Buttons, Coins, Miscellaneous Mementoes
2      Cufflinks, Tietacks, Pins, Miscellaneous Souvenirs
3      Paperweights and Other Commemorative Gifts

Drawer 50    Memorabilia

1      Alexander Hamilton Award
2      Bureau of Printing and Engraving - Plaque in Honor of        
3      Cartoons
4      Currency Covers
5      Diplomatic Passports of W.E.S. and Carol Simon
6      "Draft Simon in '80" Bumpersticker
7      Energy Memorabilia
8      Miscellaneous Identification Cards for W.E.S.
9      Oklahoma City Citation
10     $100-Bill Memoranda Pad
11     Programs of Special Events - Miscellaneous
12     Secretary of the Treasury Notepad
13     Ship Model - Bonhomme Richard
14     Steel Engraving of the Treasury Department
15     Steel Engravings of W.E.S.
16     $2 Federal Reserve Note, 1976 Series - Covers
17     White House Memorabilia
18     Miscellaneous Memorabilia

1      Miscellaneous Medals
2      Historical Medals

Shelf 12    Oversized Memorabilia

1-4    Miscellaneous Awards and Citations:  1973-1976

Shelf 13    Oversized Memorabilia - Framed Cartoons, Awards,     

Shelf 14    Oversized Memorabilia - Framed Honorary Degrees,         
          Awards, Citations

Oversized Memorabilia (Special Locations)

            "Saints and Sinners" Drawing
            New Jersey Mayors Photograph Collage
            "Don't Be Fuelish" Poster
            Secretary of the Treasury Flags 

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