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Coffee, Doughnuts, and a Witty Line of Chatter
The Photos and Letters of Helen Stevenson Meyner in Japan and Korea, 1950-1952



Helen Stevenson serving coffee and doughnuts, South Korea, 1951.
Helen Stevenson serving coffee and doughnuts, South Korea, ca. 1951.

In letter to Helen just before her return to the United States, her mother wrote:

There is no other work as fascinating and as rewarding and as deeply wonderful. For the rest of your life you will have real values. You know now what is important. Nothing matters except human relationships and kindness and service. I am so happy that you have had this experience. You can never forget it and never be trite, petty, little or mean. If only everyone in the world could have a similar experience we would have peace tomorrow and forever....

                                --EBS to HDS, 5 January 1952

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