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Coffee, Doughnuts, and a Witty Line of Chatter
The Photos and Letters of Helen Stevenson Meyner in Japan and Korea, 1950-1952



Patients with Gray Ladies and Japanese worker on opening night of the Circus Room. Johnson Air Base, 12 March 1951
Patients with Gray Ladies and Japanese worker on opening night of the 
Circus Room. Johnson Air Base, 12 March 1951.

A week ago tonight we had our "Grand opening party" (March 12) and it was really terrific. The place looked wonderful with lovely furniture and everything done in gay color, even the waste paper baskets were painted every color of the rainbow. We dressed two Gray Ladies and our dear Papasan up in clown costumes....Patients with great big casts on their legs and arms, patients on crutches, patients in wheel chairs, and patients, patients crowded into the room. Each was given either a balloon or a noise maker, and the whole atmosphere was so gay. I've never seen the G.I.s more responsive. Earlier that morning I had gone down to the Base officers' club and talked them into sending us their excellent Hill Billy band....You should see me playing up "Oh, those poor wounded men from Korea haven't heard any music in sooo long" angle -- 'tis enough to make tears come to your eyes. Anyway I sold them on the idea. So that evening we got the band and the officers danced to records. The boys went wild over the music and we had delicious cake, coffee, and lots of popcorn. The C.O. of the hospital, Colonel Knauf, came in and made a little speech and was so pleased with the place. Libby and I were thrilled too because we had built the "jurnt" out of nothing and done it ourselves.

 --HDS to family, 19 Mar. 1951

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