Appendix 2: Related Publications and Theses at Lafayette College Libraries

Bill, Alfred Hoyt, in collaboration with Edge, Walter E., revised
       by Constance M. Greiff, with a postscript by Bolton
       Schwartz. A House Called Morven:  Its Role in American
       History. Princeton, NJ:  Princeton University Press, 1978.

The Governors of New Jersey, 1664-1974, Biographical Essays
       Edited by Paul A. Stellhorn and Michael J. Birkner.
       Trenton:  N.J. Historical Commission, 1982.

Lee, Essie E. Women in Congress. New York: Julian Messner, 1979.

Miller, Robert S. New Jersey, 1953: the story of Meyner's
       victory. Lafayette College, Honor's Thesis, Department of
       Government and Law, 1955.

The Political and Governmental Leaders of Twentieth-Century 
       New Jersey:  Robert B. Meyner.  Transcript of interview by
       Howard L. Green. Department of State, New Jersey Historical
       Commission, Oral History Program. February 24, March 26, 
       April 21, May 27, and July 22, 1981.

The Political State of New Jersey. Edited by Gerald M. Pomper.
       New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1986.

Probert, Tom. I Traveled With Meyner. Paterson, New Jersey: The
       Colt Press Publishers, 1954.

Women in Congress, 1917-1990.  Prepared under the direction of
       the Commission on the Bicentenary of the U.S. House of 
       Representatives, by the Office of the Historian,
       U.S. House of Representatives.  Washington, D.C: U.S. GPO,

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