Appendix 1: Helen Meyner's Committee Assignments

1975-1979                   Committee on District of Columbia
                     Subcommittee on Education, Labor, and
                     Social Services (1975-1977)

                     Subcommittee on the Bicentennial, the Environment,
                     and the International Community (1975-1977)

                     Subcommittee on Economic Development and Regional
                     Affairs (1977-1979)

1975-1979                   Committee on International Relations
                     Subcommittee on International Operations (1975-

                     Subcommittee on Oversight (1975-1977)

                     Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs (1977-

1977-1979                   Select Committee on Aging

                     Subcommittee on Federal, State, and Community

1978-1979                   Select Committee on the House Beauty Shop
(95th, 2nd s.)

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