Series IV: Photographs and Special Formats

Subseries 5: Oversize Material - Robert Baumle Meyner

Plan Case Drawer
4-5    Cartoons
              Herbert Block (1); B. Canfield (2); William H. 
              Crawford (17); McKevin McVey (1); Bolton 
              Schwartz (1); Sherer (1); Tyger (1); 
              Unidentified (1):                                 ca. 1953-1970s
6      Citations and Awards:                                    1930-1990
6a     Clippings:                                               1953-1954,1957-1958
6b            Democratic National Convention Collage:           1960
7             Drawings and Sketches (Camille Berg;  
                     Ph. Comporeale; George A. Bradshaw):       1958,1975,1980
              Campaign Posters and Sign:                        1953,ca. 1941,1947
Box 94
              Campaign Memorabilia:                             1953,1957,1969
              Membership Caps
Box 95
              U.S. Naval Reserve Tag, Pins, and Stripes:        ca. 1943-1966
              Israeli Stamp Book:                               1956
              "RBM-1" (New Jersey License Plate)
              'Morven' Mementos
              Lafayette College Class Reunion Buttons
              Princeton University Class of '22 Buttons
              George Washington Kidd Award-Lafayette College:   1975
              Engelhard Corporation Resolution:                     1983      
              Various Membership and Identification Cards
              Paper Weights and Other Commemorative Gifts

              Oversize Material - Helen Stevenson Meyner

Plan Case Drawer     
8      Cartoons:                                                1957,1974
       Citations and Awards:                                    1955-1980
              Life Magazine cover:                              1956 (27 August)
              Life Magazine:                                    1961 (29 September)
              "Maiden of Morven" Music Score:                   n.d.
              N.J.Congressional Delegation (Ink and Watercolor):1976           
              "Supersisters" collectors cards (uncut sheet):    1979
9             Campaign posters and Signs:                       1972-1978

Box 96
       Memorabilia (continued)
              Porcelain Wedding Memento:                        1957
              Democratic National Convention ID Card:           1964   
              Dress worn by HSM during RBM's campaign:          1969
              Campaign Memorabilia:                             1972-1978
              General Public Utilities Corporation Resolution:  1974
              Bicentennial/Picatinny Arsenal Cup:               1976
              Eleanor Roosevelt Humanities Award Medal:         1977
              Congressional Pictorial Directory:                1975,1977
              Soroptimist International Award Plaque
              National Superior Performance Award-
                     Green Thumb (N.J.):                        1978

       Subseries 5: Oversize Material - Miscellaneous (Framed)

Box 97
              Colorado College, Board of Trustees - Resolution:   1989
                     (Helen Meyner)
              Allied Corporation Award:                           1958
                     (Robert Meyner)
              Certificate of Election:                            1958
                     (Robert Meyner)
Box 98
              Warren County Bar Association:                      1941
              Saints and Sinners Club of America Awards:          1967
                     (Robert and Helen Meyner)
              Excerpt from Address by Robert B. Meyner to the
              "Lawyers for Meyner" delivered:                     1953 (19 October)
Box 99
              Painting presented to Robert B. Meyner by
              Boy Scouts:                                         1953 (6 February) 

              Miscellaneous paintings/cloth embroidery
Box 100

              Allied Corporation Recognition Award:               1985
                     (Silver Plate)

Box 101       Scroll - Presented to Robert Meyner by the        
              Congregation Agudath Achim, Freehold, 
              New Jersey:                                         1957 (25 August)

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