Series IV: Photographs and Special Formats

Subseries 4: Audio-Visual Material

Box 86        
       Audio/Video Tapes

       "Mr. [Michael] Bontempo":                                1984 (29 March)
       "Capital Campaign":                                      1989 (February)
       "Governor's Award Program":                              1989
       "Premier K's Weekly Report":
       "Voice of America":
       "New Jersey Remembers 200 years":
       "Correspondence Dinner--Governor Meyner's Friends 
              Wishing him a happy 80th Birthday":               1988
       "Invitation to Morven--Governor Hughes' Time":

Box 87
       8-Track Tape
       "Flowers from Horseback:  A Memento of the Visit to the
              People's Republic of China--27 December 1975 to 
              10 January 1976 for the Honorable 
              Helen S. Meyner:                                  1976

Box 88
       Sound Film (reel)

       Inauguration of Governor Meyner, 
              WATV, Newark, N.J. (16mm):                        1954 (19 January)

Box 89        
       New York Times--Youth Forum "If I Had The Vote," 
              WABD, New York, N.Y. (16mm):                      1956

Box 90
       American Governors'Tour to U.S.S.R. 
              (made in U.S.S.R.) (16mm):                        1959   

Box 91        
       Honor Guard Ceremony for New Jersey's Former 
              Governor, Robert Baumle Meyner:                   1990
Box 92        
       Phonographic Records  - Robert Meyner Campaign: 1953

       "Questions and Answers - Crime and Schools" 33RPM (3):          29 Sept.
       "Questions and Answers - Crime and Schools" 33RPM (3):          1 October
       "Candid Candidate" 33 RPM:                                      7 October
       "Senator Meyner Reports" 33 RPM:                                13 October
       "Senator Meyner Reports To You" 33 RPM(2);33 1/3 RPM:           14 October
       "Candid Candidate" 33 RPM (2):                                  19 October
       "Candid Candidate" 33 RPM:                                      21 October
       "Senator Meyner Reports" 33 RPM:                                28 October
       "Senator Meyner Reports" 33 RPM:                                2 November
       "Senator Meyner Reports To You" 33 RPM:                         2 November
       "Campaigning With Meyner" 33 1/3 RPM:                           n.d.
       "Untitled" 33 RPM:                                              n.d.

Box 93

1      Alberts, Bill, Robert B. Meyner Campaign Song 1953: "Hello Mr. and
              Mrs. Meyner," 78 RPM (2), Record and Score.

2      Grasso, Frank T. (music) and Walter E. Brill (lyrics), "Let's Keep
              Bob on the Job," Score Only.
3      Mascara, Red and Parke Frankenfield, "What Could Be Finer;" 
       "The United States of America;" "I'm From New Jersey," 33 1/3 RPM, Record and

4      Rogoff, Max, "Traveling Through New Jersey;" "New Jersey the Beautiful - New
       Jersey the Great," 45 RPM (3), Record Only.

5      "On a Dew Dewy Day; "How Many Times," 78 RPM, Record Only.

6      "Official Campaign Song for Governor Robert Meyner," Prepared for the Democratic
       State Committee of New Jersey, 33 1/2 RPM, Record Only.

7      Laymen's Sabbath/Temple B'Nai Jeshurun/ Newark, New Jersey/Friday April 9,
       1954/Sponsored by the Men's Club/The Honorable Robert B. Meyner/Governor of
       State of New Jersey/Guest Speaker, 33 RPM (2), Record Only.

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