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Digitized Selections
The following full-text selections are made available here as examples of
Lafayette College's extensive holdings on the Marquis de Lafayette in America.

From the Marquis de Lafayette Rare Book Collections:

The Badge, A Moral Tale for Children by Sarah Savage,  Boston: Office of the Christian Register, 1824 (33 pages).  A young boy receives lessons from his mother on how to be a patriot the day that the Marquis de Lafayette visits their town.

"Oration on the Life and Character of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette."   Eulogy by President John Quincy Adams.  "Delivered at the request of both houses of the Congress of the United States, before them, in the House of Representatives, at Washington, on the 31st December, 1834." Boston: S. Colman, and Russell, Odiorne & Co., 1835.  (60 pages).

From the Marquis de Lafayette Memorabilia Collection:

Sheet Music Collection - The Collection of 21 pieces of Sheet Music from 1822 - 1917.

Selections from Broadsides and Printed Ephemera (Lafayette in America)
    Facsimile Manuscript Letter: 1784 (Nov 21) Letter re: James, Lafayette's attendant during the American Revolution
    Act of Congress to pay Lafayette for his services during the American Revolution 1793 (Dec 2)
    Invitation to Ball given in Lafayette's honor, Mobile, AL: 1824 (April 7)
    Order of performance, Faneuil Hall: 1824 (Sept 6)
    Printed page from The Casket: 1824 (Sept 8)
    Card of Admission: Fete to Lafayette, Castle Garden, NY: 1824 (Sept 10)
    Acrostic, Philadelphia: 1824 (Sept 13)
    Card of Admission: Lafayette Fete, Albany, NY: 1824 (Sept 13)
    Invitation to a Fete for Lafayette at Castle Garden: 1824 (Sept 13)
    Poem, "The National Guest," by Thomas Hope.  Wilmington, DE: 1824 (Sept 18)
    Order of Ceremonies: Grand Lodge in NY, 1824 (Sept 20)
    Lafayette Supper, Chester, PA: 1824 (Oct 5)
    Perpetual Almanac with portrait of Lafayette: 1824
    Stamp used by Lafayette to Frank his correspondence: 1824
    Engraved playing card- Ace of Spades, Jazaniah Ford, Milton, MA: 1824
    Card of Admission: Dinner in honor of General Lafayette, Charleston, SC: 1825 (March)
    Order of Reception for Lafayette: Louisville, KY  1825 (May 5)
    Ode for the Celebration of the French Revolution in New York City, 1830 (Nov 25)
    Poem on the death of Lafayette, New York: 1834 (June 25) words by L. DaPonte
    Order of Exercises in memory of Lafayette, 1834 (July 24) funeral honors
    Lafayette Dirge: 1834
    Poetry on Lafayette printed in newspapers, ca. 1834
    Order of Exercises in NH Legislature for Eulogy on Lafayette: 1835 (June 9)
    Paper Currency: 1837 (Jan 2) - The Lafayette Bank: Boston, MA  5 Dollar Note
    Paper Currency: 1837 (Nov 20) - Bank of Manchester, MI  5 Dollar Note
    Paper Currency: 1840 - Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Co.: Frederick, MD  20 Dollar Bond
    Paper Currency: 1842 - New Orleans, LA  20 Dollar Municipal Bond
    Paper Currency:  1842 (Oct 18) - 100 Dollar Bond for William A. Palmer
    Paper Currency: 1847 (July 6) - Commercial Bank of Columbia, SC  10 Dollar Bank Note
    Paper Currency: 1851 (Feb 20) - R. Lefferts Exchange Office: Brooklyn, NY  12 1/2 Cents Note
    Paper Currency: ca. 1800s Promissory Note (Blank)
    Paper Currency: 1800s Canal Bank: New Orleans, LA  5 Dollars
    Label: 1824-25 Philadelphia Elastic Waterproof
    Menu of Restaurant Lafayette: Philadelphia, 1876
    Double Framed Commemorative Lafayette Esquadrille Prints: 1918 (Sept 6)
    The Lafayette Fund, a charity for French soldiers: 1914.
    Invitation for unveiling of Lafayette statue in Washinton, D.C.: 1924 (Sept 6)
    Proclamation of Lafayette Day by Governor of Massachusetts, May 20, 1942
    Cigar Labels: undated (2 variants by the American Lithographic Co., New York)
    Proof: undated

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