Statement of Work & Requirements

These documents were given to the group at the beginning of the semester. From these documents we derived our architecture document and detailed design documents.

Statement of Work


We have been contracted to design and deploy a prototype system providing interoperability of multiple voice communications systems. This environment shall reliably support both wireless and wireline communications systems [including internet based voice communication systems]. Technical requirements are contained in the Systems Requirements Document.


The prototype system shall be deployed on the Lafayette College campus in Easton, PA. Representative wired and wireless communication systems shall be provided by the contracting office [GFE]. An engineering study shall be performed [with direction and assistance from user consultants] to select appropriate equipment configurations and operational scenarios for the demonstration.


Materials costs for the prototype configuration shall be limited to $3,000.


Thirteen [13] eager entry level engineers shall comprise the engineering team.


The Lafayette College Engineering Division shops shall be the primary technical resource for prototype fabrication. External contract fabrication facilities may be utilized when necessary.


All engineering shall be performed under best engineering practices. All documentation shall be provided in electronic form and under configuration management.


The design and deployment of the system shall be performed between January 23, 2006 and May 08, 2006. Initial circuit board artwork is due to the shop by March 10, 2006.


At the end contract period the team shall provide a detailed technical report, all documentation required for manufacturing, test reports, project web site, and a demonstrable prototype system.

System Requirements