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Welcome to the home page for the Cooperative Mining Robots Project. Take a look at What's New .


What's New

The following is a list of recent additions to our web. Whenever we publish a paper, write a specification, submit a status report, or add anything else to our web, we'll put a notice here. Every month we'll remove the oldest items. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.

May 2, 2004

Added Meeting Minutes
Updated status page

April 26, 2004

Added Meeting Minutes
Updated status page
Project Presentation is scheduled for May 14, 2004 at 9:00 am

April 11, 2004

Added Meeting Minutes, parts list
Added some pictures: 

March 8, 2004

Added Detailed Design Document and Meeting Minutes for yesterday and today

March 8, 2004

Added Power Budget Spreadsheet to the Archive page

March 3, 2004

New process for ordering parts, parts lists must be printed out in triplicate.  Handwritten parts lists will no longer be accepted
Added today's meeting minutes
Added Test Plan documentation and Circuit Board Design information to the Archive page
Made an addition to the Status page

March 2, 2004

Added today's meeting minutes and other documentation to the Archive page
updates to schedule page

March 1, 2004

Added documentation to the Archive page
updates to schedule page
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