Art 234
R. Mattison



1. Matisse and Fauves
2. German Expressionism: Modern Paradises and Hells
3. Picasso, Braque, and the Origins of Analytic Cubism: The Eye and the Mind’s Eye
4. Synthetic Cubism: The Stuff of Modern Life
5. The Followers of Cubism: Gris, Léger and Delaunay
6. Matisse, Brancusi, and Early Modern Sculpture
7. Futurism in Italy: Art, Technology, and Violence
8. Russian Constructivism: Kandinsky and Malevich
9. Mondrian and de Stijl: Visions of Utopia
10. Dada: Art and Anti-Art
11. Surrealism: Image, Archetype, and Object
12. Abstract Expressionism: The Triumph of American Painting
13. Painting During the ’60s: Post Painterly Abstraction and Deductive Structures
14. Pop Art and Popular Culture
15. Earth Art and Recent Sculpture
16. Conceptual Art, Narrative, and Video
17. Issues of Post Modernism
18. Art for the Millennium