Art 233
R. Mattison

#19 - Edgar Degas:  Modern Life Meets Tradition


DEGAS  (1834 - 1917)

The Daughters of Jephthah 1861–1864   Northampton, MA: Smith College

The Bellelli Family 1859   Paris: Orsay Museum

Uncle and Niece 1876   Chicago: Art Institute

Opéra Orchestra 1868–1869   Paris: Orsay Museum

Dance Rehearsal 1872   Glasgow: Art Gallery and Museum

Rehearsal at the Ballet 1875 pastel New Haven: Yale University Art Gallery

Red Stockings 1880s   Glens Falls: Hyde Collection

Dancers Adjusting their Slippers c.1891 pastel Cleveland: Museum of Art

At the Races 1879   Paris: Orsay Museum

From the Races 1883 pastel Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada

Mary Cassat at the Louvre 1879–1880 etching, aquatint, & drypoint

Self Portrait 1881 etching

Glass of Absinthe 1880   Paris: Orsay Museum

Café Concert at Les Ambassadeurs 1876   Lyons: Museum of Fine Arts

Figure with Outstretched arms 1870s bronze (original: wax)

Figure Leaping 1870s bronze (original: wax)

Horse Galloping 1870s bronze (original: wax)


Little Dancer of Fourteen Years 1881 wax with cloth

Woman Bathing c.1885 bronze (original: wax)

Woman Bathing in a Shallow Tub 1885 pastel New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Tub 1886 pastel Farmington: Hill Stead Museum

After the Bath 1888 pastel private collection


Mary CASSATT  (1845 - 1927)

The Carriage 1879 Philadelphia: Museum of Art

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair 1878 Washington: National Gallery

Boating Party 1880 Washington: National Gallery

The Morning Toilette 1886 Washington: National Gallery

The Bath 1891 Chicago: Art Institute