Art 233
R. Mattison

#17 - High Impressionism


Claude Monet  (1840 - 1926)

Red Poppies 1873 Paris: Orsay Museum

Regatta at Argenteuil 1872 Paris: Orsay Museum

Impression, Sunrise 1872 Paris: Marmottan Museum

The Promenade at Argenteuil 1872 Washington: National Gallery

The Highway Bridge at Argenteuil 1874 Washington: National Gallery

The Duck Pond 1874 Williamstown: Clark Institute

Monet's Home at Argenteuil 1877 private collection

Rue Montorgeuil with Flags 1876 Rouen: Museum of Fine Arts
Gare Saint-Lazare 1877 Cambridge, MA: Fogg Museum

Gare Saint-Lazare 1877 Paris: Orsay Museum

The Banks of the Seine, Vetheuil 1880 Washington: National Gallery

Path on the Isle of Saint-Martin 1880 New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art


Camille Pissarro  (1830 - 1903)

Street in the Suburbs 1871 Munich: New Masters Gallery

Street in Louveciennes 1871 Manchester: City Art Gallery

Factory at Pontoise 1872 Springfield: Museum of Fine Arts

Road at Louveciennes: Rain Effect 1870 Williamstown: Clark Institute

Road at Louveciennes 1870 Williamstown: Clark Institute

Orchard in Bloom 1874 Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum

Piette’s House at Montfoucault 1874 Williamstown: Clark Institute

Horse Pond a Montfoucault 1876 Birmingham: Barber Institute

The Red Roofs 1877 Paris: Orsay Museum

Woman Washing Dishes 1880 Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum


Auguste Renoir  (1841 - 1919)

The Gust of Wind 1873 Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum

Path Rising: High Grass 1874 Paris: Orsay Museum

Moulin de la Galette 1876 Paris: Louvre

Nude in Sunlight 1876 Paris: Orsay Museum

At the Opéra 1876 Williamstown: Clark Institute

Madame Charpentier and Her Children 1878 New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Breakfast 1879 Washington: Phillips Collection

Luncheon of the Boating Party 1881 Paris: Orsay Museum


Alfred Sisley  (1839 - 1899)

The Flood at Port Marly 1876 Paris: Orsay Museum

The Setting Sun 1875 Leeds: City Art Gallery

Marketplace at Marly 1876 Mannheim: City Hall of Art

Snow at Louveciennes 1878 Paris: Orsay Museum

Street at Louveciennes c.1876 Paris: Orsay Museum

Banks of the Loing at Moret 1879 private collection


Édouard Manet  (1832 - 1883)

Monet Working in His Boat at Argenteuil 1874 Munich: New Masters Gallery

The Seine at Argenteuil 1874 private collection


Berthe Morisot  (1841 - 1895)

Reading 1873 Cleveland: Museum of Art

In the Dining Room 1886 Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art