Art 233
R. Mattison

#12 - Gustave Courbet:  “A Sincere Friend of the Real Truth”


COURBET  (1819 - 1877)

Self Portrait with Black Spaniel 1842–1843 Paris: Petit Palais

Self Portrait with Pipe 1849 Montpellier: Fabre Museum

Funeral at Ornans 1849 Paris: Louvre

The Stone Breakers 1849 formerly Dresden: State Gallery (destroyed, 1945)

The Peasants of Flagey 1850 Besançon: Fine Arts Museum

Young Ladies of the Village Giving Alms to a Cow Girl 1851 New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Young Ladies by the Banks of the Seine 1856 Paris: Petit Palais

Bathers 1853 Montpellier: Fabre Museum

The Meeting 1854 Montpellier: Fabre Museum

The Preparation of the Bride …??? 1850s Northampton: Smith College

The Studio 1854–1855 Paris: Louvre

The Great Oak at Ornans 1867 Tokyo: Murauchi Art Museum

The Trout 1872 private collection