Art 233
R. Mattison

#11 - The Barbizon Painters


Théodore ROUSSEAU  (1812 - 1867)

La Plage 1831 private collection

The Avenue in the Forest 1849 Paris: Louvre

Sunset in the Forest 1845 Paris: Louvre


Jean-François MILLET  (1814 - 1875)

The Sower 1850 Boston: Museum of Fine Arts

The Gleaners 1857 Paris: Louvre

The Angelus 1855–1857 Paris: Louvre

Man with a Hoe 1860–1862 Los Angeles: Getty Museum

Spring 1868–1873 Paris: Louvre
The Geese Watcher 1866–1867 private collection


Charles-François DAUBIGNY  (1817 - 1878)

Setting Sun over the Oise 1865 Paris: Orsay Museum

Evening c.1852 New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art


Constant TROYON  (1810 - 1865)

Return of the Herd 1859 Egham: Picture Gallery

Rising Thunderstorm 1861 Budapest: Museum of Fine Arts


Jean-Baptiste Camille COROT  (1796 - 1875)

View of the Aqueduct at Narni 1827 Paris: Louvre

The Bridge at Narni 1827 Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada

The Cathedral at Chartres 1830 Paris: Louvre

Coliseum from the Farnese 1849 Paris: Louvre

Roman Campagna 1849 Cleveland: Museum of Art

Morning, the Dance of the Nymphs c.1850 Paris: Orsay Museum

A Woman Reading 1869 New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art