Art 233
R. Mattison

#3 - Jaques-Louis David: Art and Revolution


DAVID  (1748 - 1825)

Belisarius Begging Alms 1781 Lille: Museum of Fine Arts
The Oath of the Horatti 1784 Paris: Louvre
The Death of Socrates 1787 New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art


Beginning of the French Revolution, 1789

Brutus in the Atrium of His House, After the Execution of His Sons 1789 Paris: Louvre

The Oath in the Tennis Court 1790–1791 Paris: Louvre

Death of Marat 1793 Brussels: Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Madame Recamier 1800 Paris: Louvre


David arrested for part in Revolution, 1794

The Sabine Women Stopping the Battle Between the Romans and the Sabines 1795–1799 Paris: Louvre


David and Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte in His Study 1800 Washington: National Gallery

Bonaparte Crossing the Great St. Bernard 1801 Vienna: Museum of the History of Art
Coronation 1805–1808 Paris: Louvre

Mars Disarmed By Venus and the Graces 1824 Brussels: Royal Museum of Fine Arts