Art 233
R. Mattison



1. Public and Private Art in the Eighteenth Century  
2. Francisco Goya:  The Perils of Enlightenment  
3. Jacues­Louis David:  Art and Revolution  
4. David's Followers:  The Romance of War and Empire  
5. Géricault and the Storm Tossed Boat  
6. Eugène Delacroix and French Romanticism  
7. Ingres:  The End of an Epoch of Dreams  
8. Caspar David Friedrich:  German Romanticism  
9. Turner:  Rain, Steam and Speed  
10. The Open Sky and the Open Eye:  John Constable  
11. The Barbizon Painters  
12. Gustave Courbet:  “A Sincere Friend of the Real Truth”  
13. The Capitol of Modern Life:  Second Empire Paris  
14. Honoré Daumier:  Art and Caricature  
15. Édouard Manet and the Invention of the Avante Garde  
16. Early Impressionism:  Landscape and the Seasons  
17. High Impressionism  
18. The Crisis of Impressionism and the Late Work of Monet  
19. Edgar Degas:  Modern Life Meets Tradition  
20. Seurat and the Science of Painting  
21. Paul Cézanne:  Modern Doubt  
22. Paul Gauguin and Symbolist Art  
23. Vincent van Gogh:  The Turmoil Within  
24. August Rodin and Symbolist Sculpture  
25. Heritage For the 20th Century:  Where Do We Come FromWhat Are WeWhere Are We Going?
(To Be Announced)