Historical Survey of the
Buildings of Lafayette College

Compiled by Pamela S. Narbeth

Select a link from the list below for information and images on any building on the Lafayette College campus. The survey is arranged alphabetically by building name.

A-B: Alexis Hall, Alumni Hall of Engineering, Alumni Memorial Gym, Bailey Health Center, Blair Hall (old), Blair Hall (new), Brainerd Hall

C-E: Chateau Chavaniac, Colton Chapel, Dana Engineering Laboratory, Dana Hall of Engineering, East Hall, Easton Hall

F: Farber Hall, Farinon College Center, Fayerweather Hall, Fisher Field, Fretz House

G-J: Gates Hall, Gayley Hall, Green Observatory, Gymnasium (old), Hogg Hall, Jenks Hall

K-L: Kirby Field House, Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, Kirby House, Knox Hall, Kunkel Hall

M: Markle Hall, Marquis Hall, Martien Hall, McCracken Varsity House, McKeen Hall (old), New McKeen Hall (new), McKelvy House

N-O: Newkirk Hall, North Hall, Olin Hall of Science, Ord Steam Heating Plant

P: Pardee Hall, Pardee Infirmary, Plant Operations Building, Powel Hall, President's House

Q-R: Ramer Hall, Refectory, Ruef Hall

S-U: Simon Center for Economics and Business, Skillman Library, Soles Hall, South College, Sullivan House, Sullivan Village

V-Z: Van Wickle Hall, Watson Courts, Watson Hall of International Affairs, West College, Williams Center for the Arts

For additional information on notable campus buildings, see "Lafayette College Architecture: In Context" by Robert Saltonstall Mattison. It includes essays on the architectural history of Pardee Hall, Van Wickle Hall, McKelvy House, Hogg Hall, Colton Chapel, Kirby Hall, Simon Wing of Skillman Library, and Farinon College Center.

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