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I.  Correspondence of Howard Chandler Christy

II.  Correspondence of Nancy Palmer Christy

III.  Address Books, Date Books, and Guest Books
        Subseries 1: Howard Chandler Christy
        Subseries 1: Nancy Palmer Christy

IV.  Financial and Legal Papers

V.  Subject Files
        Subseries 1: General
        Subseries 2: Illustration
        Subseries 3: Paintings
        Subseries 4: Portraits
        Subseries 5: Posters
        Subseries 6: Programs

VI.  Photographic Material
        Subseries 1: Paintings
        Subseries 2: Portraits
        Subseries 3: Posters
        Subseries 4: Sculpture
        Subseries 5: Illustration
        Subseries 6: Works By Other Artists
        Subseries 7: Individuals
        Subseries 8: Groups
        Subseries 9: Locations
        Subseries 10: Animals

VII.  Original Artwork
        Subseries 1: Sketches and Drawings
        Subseries 2: Sketchbooks
        Subseries 3: Paintings

VIII.  Scrapbooks

IX.  Films and Videotapes

X.  Miscellaneous Ephemera

XI.  Related Collections
        Subseries 1: Jane Conneen Files
        Subseries 2: Holly Chandler Longuski Files

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